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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Q: What if I want extra services that aren't included?

A: Any extras can be discussed upon enquiry, and if necessary right up until the time of need with your allocated funeral director. Please note, if any of your requests incur additional costs which are not included in your plan, either you or your loved ones will need to arrange for these to be paid.

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Q: Can I choose whether I have a burial or cremation?

A: You can choose to have either a burial or cremation - it's up to you. You just need to be aware that the cost of the burial plot is not covered by the plan. You or your loved ones will need to arrange the cost for your burial plot and headstone separately.

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Q: How do my family go about starting the plan at the time of need?

A: We make this really simple for your loved ones. When you take out a plan, you will receive two copies of certification for your plan, on which you will find your allocated funeral director details. You should give one the certificates to someone know to keep safe. Then when the time comes, your family will need to inform the funeral director of the death and provide a death certificate (which the funeral director can help with). The funeral director will take care of all the other arrangements based on your wishes when you set up your plan.

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Q: How is the funeral director and funeral home selected?

A: Respect Assured have a network of funeral directors across the country, and will endeavour to allocate a funeral director based on their geographical location to your home, and you can rest assured that your plan is safe as all allocated funeral directors will be members of at least one of the following associations; National Association of Funeral Directors, British Institute of Funeral Directors.

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Q: What happens if my allocated funeral director goes out of business?

A: Where a funeral home closes or changes hands, Respect Assured will undertake to find a replacement funeral director to carry out the funeral.

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Q: How is my money protected?

A: Money, you pay for your Respect Assured Funeral Plan is held in the Respect Assured Trust, which is managed independently. The Trust ensures that the money to meet the cost of your funeral services is secure and that your funeral will be provided when the time comes.

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Q: What are funeral director's fees?

A: Funeral Director's fees cover all elements of the funeral that are provided by the funeral director directly - such as the hearses, limousines, care and preparation of the deceased, etc.

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Q: Can I purchase a funeral plan on someone else's behalf?

A: Yes. Upon application, simply make us aware that this is your intention.

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